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Meet Our Staff

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Casey and Casie Cook

Casey and Casie Cook are both credentialed Ministers in the Church of God, Cleveland, TN. Casey is an Ordained Bishop and Casie Jo is an Exhorter with the Church of God. They have been Lead Pastors for 9 years now and currently serve as the Youth & Discipleship Directors for the Heartland Region of Oklahoma and Kansas, as well as the Lead Pastors of Sooner Harvest COG. They have two children, Kinsler who is 9 and Kinslei who is 6.


Children's Church Pastor

Shannon Hock

Shannon Hock has been doing children’s ministry for over 15 years. She and her husband, Brian have 3 girls. Shannon has a passion to give kids a strong foundation before our kids get to the struggles of the teen years.


Associate Pastors

Michael and Amy Buoy

Michael and Amy Buoy currently serve as the Associate Pastors for the Sooner Harvest Church of God. Michael is an Ordained Bishop within the Church of God. Amy Buoy currently serves as the Worship Leader at Sooner Harvest. 


Church Clerk

Marcie Jackson

Marcie and her husband Mike assist in the Children's Church as well as Children's Bible Study on Wednesday night. Marcie currently serves as the Church Clerk at Sooner Harvest.

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